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WordSmith Tools Manual

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WordSmith is organic software!

Version 1.0 was launched in 1996. We have continued an organic policy of growth ever since ... now in 2019 we are at version 7.0 with improvements and new features.


New features:

Multi-word unit conversion

Plot contexts

Concord files processed list (automatic or manual)

Add a Set column

Export KeyWords database data  

TED talks video conversion

Enhanced key word statistics and key word display

Part of speech tag filtering

Multiple statistics in collocation display

Dispersion statistic for word lists

Lemma file building

Mis-matched tag finder

Boilerplate text finding

Duplicate and near-duplicate text file finding

Relevance filter


BIC scores for key items

Corpus sampler

choice for percentage columns

improved colours

high definition screen focus

Text Converter case change

Text Converter remove words

Relative entropy

Associates follow-up

Chargram patterns

Part of speech renaming

Conditional Probability statistics

Build sub-corpora

Clusters in single-word word list

TMX file handling

Copy search-word to Set column

File count facility

RTF Sample

Normalised counts

Text dispersion keyness




See also : new in Version 6, new in Version 5