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WordList and tags

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If you have defined a tag file and made the appropriate settings to load it, you can get a word-list which displays tags and words together as in this example, where the tag is viewed as if it were a prefix.

This function operates where your corpus has tags immediately to the left of words, as in ... <noun>table ... for example.


A word list with neighbouring tags as if they were prefixes?

Choose whether you want only the tags, only the words or both in View | Tag display:





shows only the word

as prefix

shows the tag as if it were a prefix

as suffix

puts the tag at the other end of the word

hide the words

treats the tag as the word wanted, useful if you want a part-of-speech word list without the words, for example. This function requires word lists made after loading up a tag file with such tags set to be treated as words.









BNC_wordlist_with_tags_as_prefix coloured

In its Alphabetical view, the list can be sorted on the tag or the word.



tog_plus        Tag filtering

tog_plus        How to colour them