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file-names data

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The point of it

When you have computed a concordance you may wish to know which text files contained and which did not contain any of your search-words. (The picture might get altered if you delete and zap some concordance lines.)  


This function gives you a plain text list.




These data can be exported to Excel if so desired.


How to do it


To generate the list automatically see Advanced settings: save text file data.


Manually: start the process using the Compute | List of file-names menu option.



You get a list showing first all the texts which did contain any of your search-words, then below a list of those which did not.


And a note gets added to the Notes tab showing the name of the text statistics file created.



If you use data created in earlier versions, you will be asked to supply a list of all the text files used for that concordance data. If you haven't got one, create a suitable list using the file-choose favourites function: ensure you choose to save the selected texts as self-edited Text file .txt format.




See also: re-compute file-name lists, statistics, auto-saving file data