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WordSmith Tools Manual

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What you GET settings

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These are found in the main Controller marked WordList controller_wordlist_settings_tab.

This is because some of the choices -- e.g. Minimum & Maximum Settings -- may affect other Tools.





Word Length & Frequencies

See Minimum & Maximum Settings.


Case Sensitive

Normally, you'll make a case-insensitive word list. If you wish to make a word list which distinguishes between the, The and THE, turn on case sensitivity here. Note : Stop-, match- and lemma- lists can also be case sensitive.


Only <tagged> words: Omits all words which don't have a partner tag.


Standardised Type/Token #

See WordList Type/Token Information.


Dispersion divisions

This setting applies to the Dispersion column in a word list. By default 8 but you can set the number to 0 to speed up processing. Avoid a number higher than 25 as this will cause memory strain.


Cluster Tag: used to include some multi-word items in a word list.


Detailed Consistency

Min. frequency overall = a total frequency for a word to be included in the Detailed Consistency list.

Min. texts = the minimum number of texts that word must appear in.



See also: Using Index Lists, Viewing Index Lists, WordList Help Contents, WordList and tags, Computing word list clusters.