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Viewing Index Lists

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In WordList, open an index as you would any other kind of word-list file -- using File | Open. The filename will end .tokens. Easier, in the Controller | Previous lists, choose any index you've made and double-click it.


The index looks almost exactly like a large word-list. (Underneath, it "knows" a lot more and can do more but it looks the same.)


BNC World index

The picture above shows the top 10 words in the BNC Corpus. Number 7 (#) represents numbers or words which contain numbers such as £50.00. These very frequent words are also very consistent -- they appear in nearly 80% of the 4,054 texts of BNC.


In the view below, you see words sorted by the number of Texts: all these words appeared in 10 texts in the corpus but their frequencies vary.



You can highlight one or more words or mark them with the WSImage_343_mark_24 option, then WSImage_102_concordance_24 to get a speedy concordance.


But its best use, to start with, is to generate word clusters like these:




See also Making an Index List, WordList clusters, WordList Help Contents.