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Single words v. Clusters () in WordList

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WordList clusters

A word list doesn't need to be of single words. You can ask for a word list consisting of two, three, up to eight words on each line.



Here is a small set of 3-4word clusters involving the word money.




Some of them are plausible multi-word units.


How to do it

To do cluster processing in WordList, first make an index.

Then open the index. Now choose Compute | Clusters.




tog_plus        Words to make clusters from


tog_plus        What you see


tog_plus        Working constraints


tog_plus        Phrase frames



It's a word list


Finally, remember this listing is just like a single-word word list. You can save it as a .lst file and open it again at any time, separately from the index.


See also: clusters in single-word list, find the files for specific clusters, clusters in Concord