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These functions may or may not be visible in each Tool depending on the capacity of the Tool or the current window of data -- the one whose caption bar is highlighted.



allows access to advanced features

Associat associates

opens a new window showing Associates.

Autojoin auto-join

joins (lemmatises) automatically.

Autogrow auto-size

re-sizes each line of a display so that each one shows as much data as it should. Most windows have lines of a fixed size but some, e.g. in Viewer, allow you to adjust row heights. This adjusts line heights according to the current highlighted column of data.

Clumps clumps

computes clumps in a keywords database

Findjoin regroup clumps

regroups the clumps

Cluster clusters

computes concordance clusters.

Collocs collocates

shows collocates using concordance data.

Maths compute

calculates a new column of data based on calculator functions and/or existing data.

Collocdo redo collocates

recalculates collocates, e.g. after you've deleted concordance lines.

    column totals

computes totals, min, max, mean, standard deviation for each column of numerical data.

ws-16-concord concordance

within KeyWords, WordList, starts Concord and concordances the highlighted word(s) using the original source text(s).

Clipboard Copy copy

allows you to copy your data to a variety of different places (the printer, a text file, the clipboard, etc.).

Edit edit

allows editing of a list or searches for a word (type-in search).

Notes edit or type-in mode

alternates between edit and type-in mode.

Filename filenames

opens a new window showing the filenames from which the current data derived. If necessary you can edit them.

findfiles find files

finds any text files which contain all the words you've marked.

Grow grow

increases the height of all rows to a fixed size. See shrink (Shrink) below.

Help help (also F1)

opens WordSmith Help (this file) with context-sensitive help.

Join join

joins one entry to another e.g. sentences in Viewer, words in WordList (lemmatisation).

Columns layout

This allows you to alter many settings for the layout: the colour of each column, whether to hide a column of data, typefaces and column widths.

Links links

computes links between words in a key-words plot.

Mark mark

marks an entry for joining or finding files.

Lemmas match lemmas

checks each item in the list against ones from a text file of lemmatised forms and joins any that match.

Match match list

matches up the entries in the current list against ones in a "match list file" or template, marking any found with (~).

mutuali relation

computes mutual information or similar scores in a WordList index list.

Start new...

gets you started in the various Tools, e.g. to make a concordance, a word list, or a key words list.


gives you a chance to choose a set of saved results.

Pattern patterns

computes collocation patterns.

Sound play media

plays a media file.

Plot plot

opens a new window showing a Concord dispersion plot or KeyWords plot.

Print print (also F3)

previews your window data for printing; can print to file, which is equivalent to "save as text".

Refresh refresh

re-reads your text file (in Viewer) or re-draws the screen (in Print Preview).

Duuplicates remove duplicates

removes any duplicate concordance lines.

Replace replace

search & replace, e.g. to replace drive or folder data, when editing file-names where the source texts have been moved.

Resort re-sort

re-sorts lists (e.g. in frequency as opposed to alphabetical order) in Concord, KeyWords or WordList.

ruler ruler

shows/hides vertical divisions in any list; text divisions in a KeyWords plot. Click ruler in a menu to turn on or off or change the number of ruler divisions for a plot.

Save save (also F2)

saves your data using existing file-name; if it's a new file asks for file-name first.

Saveas save as

saves after asking you for a file-name.

Savetxt save as text

saves as a .txt file: plain text.

search search (also F12)

searches within a list.

Shrink shrink

reduces the height of all rows to a smaller fixed height. See grow (Grow) above.

Stats statistics

opens a new window showing detailed statistics.


toggles on & off the "status bar" (at the bottom of a window, shows comments and the status of what has been done).

Summary summary statistics

opens a new window showing summary statistics, e.g. proportion of lemmas to word-types.


toggles on & off a toolbar with the same buttons on it as the ones you chose when you customised popup menus.

Unjoin unjoin

unjoins any entries that have been joined, e.g. lemmatised entries.

Notepad view source text

shows the source text and highlights any words currently selected in the list.

Excel1, Msword Microsoft Excel or Word™

save formatted data for Excel or Word.

ws-16-wordlist wordlist

within KeyWords, makes a word list using the current data.

Zap zap

zaps any deleted entries.


see also: Keyboard Shortcuts, Customising popup menus.

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