Count data frequencies

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In various Tools you may wish to further analyse your data. For example with a concordance you may want to know how many of the lines contain a prefix like un- or how many items in a word-list end in -ly. To do this, choose Summary Statistics in the Compute menu.


This allows you to load into the searches window any plain text file which you have prepared previously. For complex searching this can save much typing. An example might be a list of suffixes or prefixes to check against a word list.


Search Column

This lets you choose which column of data to count in. It will default to the last column clicked for your data.


Breakdown by

If activated this lets you break down results, for example by text file. See the example from Concord.


Cumulative Column

This adds up values from another column of data. See the example from WordList.



See also: distinguishing consequence from consequences, frequencies of suffixes in a word  list, compute new column of data.


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