WordList Sorting (F6 Resort or Ctrl/F6 reverse_sort or Shift/Ctrl/F6word_length_sort)


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How to do it...

Sorting can be done simply by pressing the top row of any list. Press again to toggle between ascending & descending sorts.

With a word-list on your screen, the main Frequency window doesn't sort, but you can re-sort the Alphabetical window (look at the tabs at the bottom of WordList to choose the tab) in a number of different ways.

To choose one of the special sorts specified below, press F6 or Ctrl/F6 or Shift/Ctrl/F6. Or choose the appropriate menu option.


Alphabetical Word Sort Resort

Many languages have their own special sorting order, so prior to sorting or re-sorting, check that you have selected the right language for the words being sorted. Spanish, for example, uses this order: A,B,C,CH,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,LL,M,N,Ñ,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z.

KeyWords and other comparisons require an alphabetically-ordered list in ascending order. If you get problems, please open the word lists in WordList, choose the "alphabetical" tab, sort by pressing the "Word" header until the sort is definitely alphabetical ascending, then choose the Save menu option.


Reverse Word Sort reverse_sort

This is so that you can sort words by suffix. The order is determined by word endings, not word beginnings. You will therefore find all the -ing forms together.


Word Length Sort word_length_sort

This is so that you can sort words by their length (1-letter, 2-letter, etc up to 50-letter words) Within a set of equal-length words, there's a second, alphabetical sort.


Consistency Sort

Press the "Texts" header to re-sort the words according to their consistency.


See also: Concord sort, KeyWords sort, Editing entries; Accented characters; Choosing Language

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