Regrouping the Clumps

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How to do it

You can simply join by dragging, where you think any two clumps belong together because of semantic similarity between their key-words.

Or if you press Findjoin, KeyWords will inform you which two clumps match best. You'll see a list of the words found only in one, a list of the words found only in the other, and (in the middle) a list of the words which match. It's up to you to judge whether the match is good enough to form a merged clump.

If you aren't sure, press Cancel.

If you do want to join them, press Join.

If you're sure you don't want to join them and don't want KeyWords to suggest this pair again, press Skip. You can tell KeyWords to skip up to 50 pairs. To clear the memory of the items to be skipped, press Clear Skip.

The point of it (2)…

Scott (1997) shows how clumping reveals the different perceived roles of women in a set of Guardian features articles.

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