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When you have a collocation window open, one of the tab windows shows "Patterns". This will show the collocates (words adjacent to the search word), organised in terms of frequency within each column. That is, the top word in each column is the word most frequently found in that position. The second word is the second most frequent.



In R1 position (one word to the right of the search-word love) there seem to be both intimate (thee) and formal (you) pronouns associated with love in Shakespeare. And looking at L1 position it seems that speakers talk more of their love for another than of another's love for them.


The minimum frequency for one of the words to be shown at all, is the minimum frequency for collocates.


The point of it…

The effect is to make the most frequent items in the neighbourhood of the search word "float up" to the top. Like collocation, this helps you to see lexical patterns in the concordance.


You can also highlight any given pattern collocate in your concordance display.


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