Change log

9 Oct 2018, Version

delete if and colour categories fix/improvements
fix: duplicate contents problem
fix: Excel export characters in Concord problem

8 Sept 2018, Version

improvements to Help
fix: key words plot context

5 Sept 2018, Version

site is now https site which required a
new version checker utility

2 Sept 2018, Version

Text Converter handling of lemmatising
KeyWords links calling up a concordance

28 Aug 2018, Version

fixed: crash if calling WS from Explorer & WS already running
key word associate follow-up procedure
corpus file showing

28 July 2018, Version

fixed: recalculation of key words database
improvement: key word associate follow-up procedure
corpus checker improvements to file show window

19 July 2018, Version

fixed: bug opening batch file in KeyWords
fixed: progress showing in KeyWords database saving.
improvement: File Viewer now accepts file dragged from Explorer.

18 July 2018, Version

fixed: collocate relationships with n-gram as search-word,
fixed: collocate with wildcard in search-word wasn't showing the "with" column

16 July 2018, Version

fixed: KeyWords settings, some were not working
improvements: duplicate file finding

20 June 2018, Version

fix: re-ordered columns and sorting
fix: sort of WordList index relationships, Detailed Consistency
fix: WordList index relationships saving & re-loading

19 June 2018, Version

fix: Summary Statistics wasn't activated in WordList
fixes to Colour Categories.

14 June 2018, Version

fix: WSConcgram and Chargrams settings
improvement: File Utilities tag checking
improvement: Collocates relative entropy calculation

9 June 2018, Version

improvement: Relative Entropy
improvement: File Utilities build lemma list

1 June 2018, Version

fix: WordList tag-as-prefix crash
new: WordList make a verb-only word list

30 May 2018, Version

fix: Concord display and XML simplification .ini file

28 May 2018, Version

new: relative entropy statistic for WordList and KeyWords

27 May 2018, Version

logging: improvement for collocate relationships.

25 May 2018, Version

enhancement: where there are several Set columns on the same row, input proceeds logically. Fixes to column moving too.

21 May 2018, Version

fix: added a function to choose which Set column is active

1 May 2018, Version

fix: Text Converter right-click to see results

30 Apr 2018, Version

fix: Text Converter converting RTF files

26 Apr 2018, Version

fix: colour saving

22 Apr 2018, Version

fix: Collocate highlight sort
fix: Aligner text display
new colour system
new high resolution screen & multi-screen awareness
new Text Converter functions

08 Feb 2018, version

fix: KeyWords cluster calculation

05 Feb 2018, version

fix: Text Converter selecting one file only
fix: reference to c:\temp in KeyWords
changes: all icons in menus and buttons and Help system

12 Dec 2017, version

fix: copy to picture for high-resolution screens

07 Dec 2017, version

fix: Concord default sort
Help file structure rationalised

04 Dec 2017, version

fix: boilerplate text viewing

08 Nov 2017, version

new Corpus sampler
new choice for percentage columns
fix: history list crashes

05 Nov 2017, version

Concord find facility improvements
fix: key item plot display missed one line.
fix: key item links procedure showing blank
new KeyWords BIC statistic

31 Oct 2017, version

more presentational improvements to highlighter, relevance filter, boilerplate checker
fix: find files procedure.
fix: Concord file sort where search-word is mark-up.

23 Oct 2017, version

various presentational improvements to highlighter, relevance filter, boilerplate checker

19 Oct 2017, version

new: text file highlighter

11 Oct 2017, version

fix: Detailed Consistency handling Unicode and non-Unicode wordlists bug
fix: filenames display affecting long filenames
fix: Timelines weren't displaying in Concord
fix: repeated chunks in .docx conversion
new near-duplicate contents check
new boilerplate text search
new relevance filter check

14 Sept 2017, version

fix: Bundle updating wasn't giving correct dates
moved duplicate searches to Corpus Checker
file renaming update in File Utilities
Help file updates.

29 Aug 2017, version

fix: UTF8 files converted message
fix: WordList's treatment of tags
new find duplicate file contents procedure
Help file updated with info on it.

14 Aug 2017, version

fix: Concord file-names minor glitch
Help file updated with better info on source text viewing.

13 Aug 2017, version

.ali files still giving trouble editing
fix: Concord file-names were getting scrambled affecting view of source text
Help file fix.

1 Aug 2017, version

fix: copying settings files saves a .BAK first
improvement: double-click Set column to edit shows previous text
fix: lost filenames in Concord

20 July 2017, version

minor tweaks to Help file
label for p value
fix: Concord patterns to use stop list if set