Change log

20 Dec 2019, Version

what's new
fixes: plot displays, lemmas display,
sort on last access in Controller previous lists,
mixed data Unicode handling and better UTF8 handling,
WordList Index relationships & clusters computations.

26 Nov 2019, Version

what's new
fixes: Concord sort on Date,
Text Converter file or folder selecting.
Choose files updating after Concord, WordList.

21 Oct 2019, Version

what's new
fix: WordList index cluster size.
improved print, print preview, and column layout functioning.

10 Oct 2019, Version

what's new
improved colour settings.

24 Sept 2019, Version

what's new
fixed keyword reference corpus info when using text dispersion keyness
fixed Aligner colours and merging crash.

7 Sept 2019, Version

what's new
fixed collocate relationships display showing as integers.

22 Aug 2019, Version

what's new
fixed corpus sample random function.

21 Aug 2019, Version

what's new
improved menu checking.
New: Text Dispersion Keyness function, now documented too.

17 Aug 2019, Version

what's new
fixed problem affecting lemmatisation.
New: Text Dispersion Keyness (still tweaking).

5 Aug 2019, Version

what's new
fixed problem affecting Concord | Patterns | Compute collocates.
New: Detailed Consistency normalised counts.

30 July 2019, Version

what's new
fix problem affecting Concord | remove duplicates.

22 July 2019, Version

what's new
RTF sample.
improvements to status bar generally.

17 July 2019, Version

what's new
fix to Save All Settings button.

15 July 2019, Version

what's new
efficiency improvements to Corpus Checker;
File count facility in File Utilities;
visual difference in main Controller

9 July 2019, Version

minor tweak to statusbar display;
fix: export concordance with zero characters to show all the text.
new Copy Search-word to Set column feature.

24 June 2019, Version

minor edit to lemma list; KeyWords source text display fix;
KeyWords search & replace filename fix.
Corpus Checker relevance check improvements;
File show mechanism improvements.

17 June 2019, Version

WordList index relationships enhancements.

15 June 2019, Version

fixes and enhancements: Aligner.

12 June 2019, Version

fixes: Aligner, Chargrams.

11 June 2019, Version

fixes: computing concordance from KWDB,
  Character Profiler crash,
  WordList Index relationships calculating based on selection.
new: Delta probability function,
  KWDB max. associates value.

6 June 2019, Version

fix: two lists opening from Explorer problem,
improved whole folder v file choosing in Text Converter,
Help typos.

29 May 2019, Version

fixes: KeyWords database creation bug, batch file folder name choosing.

2 May 2019, Version

fix: Concord scrolling slowness.

1 May 2019, Version

fix: 1 character displaying (previously saved 1-byte format data).

30 April 2019, Version

fix: small fault affecting Corpus Checker.

29 April 2019, Version

new: TMX file conversion.

26 April 2019, Version

Tweaks to Concord source text filename display.
Corpus Checker improvements.
New TMX file function done but not documented.

24 April 2019, Version

Lots of fixes: font choice, default columns. Clipboard display, Concord sort (slow), <mwu> handling. MWU case sensitivity clarified in the Help.

22 April 2019, Version

Fix connected to Unicode data.

17 April 2019, Version

Text Converter Help improvements.
Multi-word handling in Text Converter case sensitivity and whole-word check.
fix: Concord follow-up collocate computing.

15 April 2019, Version

Row height Grow display fix (Concord).
Improved Help on Colour Categories and better Colour Categories feedback.

12 April 2019, Version

Column show/hide fixes. Top row freeze option (Statistics, Detailed Consistency) fix.

10 April 2019, Version

Mwu phrase conversion case insensitive (Text Converter) and punctuation fix.
Text Converter copy unchanged text files option.
Fix for language comparison (Detailed Consistency, KeyWords).

9 April 2019, Version

Redesigned grids for WordSmith.

20 March 2019, Version

New: clusters in WordList feature.
Timing control improvement in Concord's play video feature.

15 March 2019, Version

Fix: WordList compare 2 files crash.

14 March 2019, Version

Fix: KeyWords calling up collocation.
New feature: build sub-corpora.

11 March 2019, Version

Fix: language ID when adding a language.
Case sensitivity fix in match list, lemma list, stop list.

8 March 2019, Version

Fix for a bug affecting Concord painting coloured sections.

7 March 2019, Version

New collocate statistics: Conditional Probability.
Fix of Collocate statistics sort. repeated saving as (Excel etc.)
Fix of closing a Tool when Cancel chosen.

4 March 2019, Version

Fix for collocate sorting of relationship statistics.

1 March 2019, Version

Fixes for Unicode format issues affecting KeyWords plot and Index-based functions.

28 Feb 2019, Version

Fix, WordList cluster stop setting, Concord sort.

14 Feb 2019, Version

Improvement in File Utilities, move or copy files function.

12 Feb 2019, Version

Fix in Text Converter saving in <TAG>word or word<TAG> format.

8 Feb 2019, Version

Enhancements to Script function e.g. saving as .XLSX.

3 Feb 2019, Version

Fix to Corpus Checker.

2 Feb 2019, Version

Help improvements.
Fix to custom tag defining and auto-loading process.
Minor Concord tweaks.

31 Jan 2019, Version

XML tag colours tweaked in Concord and explained in the Help.

30 Jan 2019, Version

Colours in XLM tag handling generally and in Excel saving.
Fix to WordList index cluster process.
Loading old WordSmith 4 concordances fixed.
XLM tag handling generally
Excel saving improvements.
Fix to WS7 Validity Extender.

11 Jan 2019, Version

Excel saving improvements e.g sentence only concordance.

18 Dec 2018, Version

CharGram patterns feature.
fix to WordList stats Overall column.

9 Dec 2018, Version

filenames for WSConcgram, improvements to Help.
fix to Concord clusters calculation when case sensitive.

25 Nov 2018, Version

filenames fix, improvements to Help, improvements to breakdown function
fix to crash affecting hi-res screens

14 Nov 2018, Version

case-sensitive stop-, match- and lemma-lists

13 Nov 2018, Version

fix: undo and redo

05 Nov 2018, Version

fix: black cells

23 Oct 2018, Version

improvements to search and colour categories

9 Oct 2018, Version

delete if and colour categories fix/improvements
fix: duplicate contents problem
fix: Excel export characters in Concord problem

8 Sept 2018, Version

improvements to Help
fix: key words plot context

5 Sept 2018, Version

site is now https site which required a
new version checker utility

2 Sept 2018, Version

Text Converter handling of lemmatising
KeyWords links calling up a concordance

28 Aug 2018, Version

fixed: crash if calling WS from Explorer & WS already running
key word associate follow-up procedure
corpus file showing

28 July 2018, Version

fixed: recalculation of key words database
improvement: key word associate follow-up procedure
corpus checker improvements to file show window

19 July 2018, Version

fixed: bug opening batch file in KeyWords
fixed: progress showing in KeyWords database saving.
improvement: File Viewer now accepts file dragged from Explorer.

18 July 2018, Version

fixed: collocate relationships with n-gram as search-word,
fixed: collocate with wildcard in search-word wasn't showing the "with" column

16 July 2018, Version

fixed: KeyWords settings, some were not working
improvements: duplicate file finding

20 June 2018, Version

fix: re-ordered columns and sorting
fix: sort of WordList index relationships, Detailed Consistency
fix: WordList index relationships saving & re-loading

19 June 2018, Version

fix: Summary Statistics wasn't activated in WordList
fixes to Colour Categories.

14 June 2018, Version

fix: WSConcgram and Chargrams settings
improvement: File Utilities tag checking
improvement: Collocates relative entropy calculation

9 June 2018, Version

improvement: Relative Entropy
improvement: File Utilities build lemma list

1 June 2018, Version

fix: WordList tag-as-prefix crash
new: WordList make a verb-only word list

30 May 2018, Version

fix: Concord display and XML simplification .ini file

28 May 2018, Version

new: relative entropy statistic for WordList and KeyWords

27 May 2018, Version

logging: improvement for collocate relationships.

25 May 2018, Version

enhancement: where there are several Set columns on the same row, input proceeds logically. Fixes to column moving too.

21 May 2018, Version

fix: added a function to choose which Set column is active

1 May 2018, Version

fix: Text Converter right-click to see results

30 Apr 2018, Version

fix: Text Converter converting RTF files

26 Apr 2018, Version

fix: colour saving

22 Apr 2018, Version

fix: Collocate highlight sort
fix: Aligner text display
new colour system
new high resolution screen & multi-screen awareness
new Text Converter functions

08 Feb 2018, version

fix: KeyWords cluster calculation

05 Feb 2018, version

fix: Text Converter selecting one file only
fix: reference to c:\temp in KeyWords
changes: all icons in menus and buttons and Help system

12 Dec 2017, version

fix: copy to picture for high-resolution screens

07 Dec 2017, version

fix: Concord default sort
Help file structure rationalised

04 Dec 2017, version

fix: boilerplate text viewing

08 Nov 2017, version

new Corpus sampler
new choice for percentage columns
fix: history list crashes

05 Nov 2017, version

Concord find facility improvements
fix: key item plot display missed one line.
fix: key item links procedure showing blank
new KeyWords BIC statistic

31 Oct 2017, version

more presentational improvements to highlighter, relevance filter, boilerplate checker
fix: find files procedure.
fix: Concord file sort where search-word is mark-up.

23 Oct 2017, version

various presentational improvements to highlighter, relevance filter, boilerplate checker

19 Oct 2017, version

new: text file highlighter

11 Oct 2017, version

fix: Detailed Consistency handling Unicode and non-Unicode wordlists bug
fix: filenames display affecting long filenames
fix: Timelines weren't displaying in Concord
fix: repeated chunks in .docx conversion
new near-duplicate contents check
new boilerplate text search
new relevance filter check

14 Sept 2017, version

fix: Bundle updating wasn't giving correct dates
moved duplicate searches to Corpus Checker
file renaming update in File Utilities
Help file updates.

29 Aug 2017, version

fix: UTF8 files converted message
fix: WordList's treatment of tags
new find duplicate file contents procedure
Help file updated with info on it.

14 Aug 2017, version

fix: Concord file-names minor glitch
Help file updated with better info on source text viewing.

13 Aug 2017, version

.ali files still giving trouble editing
fix: Concord file-names were getting scrambled affecting view of source text
Help file fix.

1 Aug 2017, version

fix: copying settings files saves a .BAK first
improvement: double-click Set column to edit shows previous text
fix: lost filenames in Concord

20 July 2017, version

minor tweaks to Help file
label for p value
fix: Concord patterns to use stop list if set