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WordSmith Tools Manual

The point of it...


The idea is to follow up a set of associates by identifying the texts which are most closely related to the topic it suggests.


How to do it

in a list of associates, choose the follow-up menu item.


associates followup menuitem





Here, a study on climate change texts has climate as one of its key key words. Among the 75,000 source texts, some mention climate change only incidentally and I wanted to restrict the corpus by about half, separating out such texts. (For another purpose one might want to study only those texts of course.)


A first step is to identify the associates of climate.


associates of climate

Now in the main controller key words database settings, choose a clump match percentage. The higher this is, the smaller the list of files we get will be and the more selective the criterion.  



Choose Associates | follow-up in the menu, and you'll get a list of files. If you double-click one, you get to read it. As you see, the text does seem to be one which is definitely about climate change.



You can save the list as a file (right-click to see the menu). This could be input to the Corpus Checker sampler so you can evaluate your results.