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How to get here

This function is accessed from the File menu in the Controller and the Settings menu or New menu item (WSImage_324_GetStarted_24) in the various Tools.




The two main areas at left and right are

files to choose from (at left)

files already selected (at right)


The button is what you press to move any you have selected at the left to your "files selected" at the right. Or just drag them from the left to the right. All files of the type you've specified in any sub-folders will also get selected if the "Sub-folders too" checkbox is checked.


The list on the right shows full file details (name, date, size, the text format.


OK This puts the current file selection into store.  



As its name suggests, this allows you to change your mind and start afresh. If any selected filenames are highlighted, only these will be cleared.


tog_plus        More details


tog_plus        Type of text files


text dates        Setting text file dates WSImage_590_CalendarSave_24


tog_plus        Advanced WSImage_302_advanced_24




See also : Step-by-step online example, Viewing source texts, Finding source texts.


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