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save favourites save_favourite_texts

Used to save your current selection of texts. Useful if it's complex, e.g. involving several different folders. Essential if you've attached a date to your text files.

Saves a list of text files whose status is either unknown or known to meet your requirements when selecting files by their contents, ignoring any which do not.


get favourites get_favourite_texts

Used to read a previously-saved selection from disk.


Choose a good file-name. By default a word list or concordance will suggest this file name as the basis for all saved data that uses the same set of texts.


You may use a plain text file for loading a set of choices you have edited using Notepad, but note that each file needed must be fully specified: wildcards are not used and a full drive:\folder path is needed. You may date the text file if you like by appending to the file-name a <tab> character followed by the date (any date after 1000BC) in the format yyyy/mm/dd e.g.






c:\text\second world war.txt



See also: Choosing Texts, file dates


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