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The procedure, automatically computed in a relevance check, exports a table in Excel format (.xlsx). At the top you get the table sorted by overall frequencies, below you get alphabetical order.


Below is a search-term table covering date on climate change for 2022. In the texts files studied for relevance, world was found in January 2022 occurring about 1,200 times per million words of the data.




Note the overlap between change and climate change. Obviously all the instances of change in Jan. 2022 include the instances of climate change.


Here is part of the table based on Times news articles, 2005-2022:



Brexit starts to appear in these data in 2014.


Per million counts standardise findings here so they are comparable. Naturally these numbers are only meaningful if based on a good sample. You can compute the original texts statistics using WordList.


See also: relevance check procedure


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