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This advanced settings option allows you to run a pre-prepared script. In the case below, sample_script.txt has requested two concordance operations, a word list, and a keywords analysis. It's done 3% of a further WordList job. The whole process happened without any intervention from the user, using the defaults in operation.



The syntax is as suggested in the EXAMPLES visible above. (There is a sample_script.txt file in your Documents\wsmith8 folder).  First the tool required, then the necessary parameters, each surrounded by double quotes, in any order. Not case sensitive. Each command must be on one line.


tog_plus        examples


tog_plus        other output formats (e.g. Excel .xlsx)


tog_plus        other options: 1_at_a_time, searchword_by_searchword, fetch, show



tog_plus        collocate scripts


tog_plus        list of syntax terms


See also : drag and drop



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