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The purpose is to check your corpus for relevance and duplicates. And to help re-organise a corpus. And to check its format.



it has got corrupted so what used to be good text is now just random characters or has got cut much shorter because of disk problems

it isn't even in the same language as the rest of the corpus

it is a copy of another text file or has very similar text

it contains too much boilerplate text

it is or is not relevant to a particular area of enquiry

you want to move a section of the corpus or get a sample


Various standard buttons help you.

Search : the button you will press to start a search (for duplicate texts, boilerplate, a corpus sample etc.

Load or save any results obtained.

Clear the current list display,

Move some files or Restore them,

Show selected text files

File-name only : if checked you will see file-names without their paths.  


corpus_checker_standard buttons


See also : How to check corruption


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