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A word list's statistics give you data about the corpus, but you may need more specific information about individual words in a word list too.


How many end in -ly?


Press Count


to get something like this:

search_statistics_LY result

There is no limit on the searches:


search_statistics_LY _ING

Cumulative Column

A cumulative count adds up scores on another column of data apart from the one you are processing for your search. The columns in this window are for numerical data only. Select one and ensure activated is ticked.


search_statistics_LY _ING cumulative

In this example, a word-list was computed and a search was made of 4 common word endings (and one ridiculous one). For -LY there are 2,084 types, with a total of 41,886 tokens in  this corpus. -ITY and -NESS are found at the ends of fairly similar numbers of word-types, but -ITY has many more tokens in these data.



See the example for Concord

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see the explanation for count data frequencies.

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