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WordSmith 4.0 Frequently Asked Questions (click here for WordSmith 3.0 FAQs)

Note: click here for a full online help system with an index. Whenever I get a query I try to make the help clearer rather than post a reply here.

Advice on updating and re-installing
What'll happen about my temporary use registration?
How do I make a custom DLL?
It crashed -- I sent Microsoft a message but they cannot solve the problem.
Can I use WordSmith 3 as well as WordSmith 4?
What are the differences between WordSmith 3 and4?
Can WordSmith handle Language X (eg. Igbo, Greek, Chinese)?
How do I type in accented characters or symbols if I don't have the right keyboard?
Does WordSmith tag texts?
Does WordSmith come with a corpus?
My registration code didn't work...
How do I get WS4 to work on a network?
Slow network performance...
Is there a guide for use of WordSmith?
Collocate statistics -- what is available?
How is WordSmith designed technically?
Which Reference Corpus to use for KeyWords?
How to handle Line Numbers in a concordance?
Accessing Help with a network installation
Problem making wordlist (concordance, etc.)