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WordSmith 3.0 Frequently Asked Questions (click here for WordSmith 4.0 FAQs)


Where should I put WS_PART1.EXE and WS_PART2.EXE?
What are WS_PART1.EXE and WS_PART2.EXE?
Should I keep WS_PART1.EXE and WS_PART2.EXE?
What is SETUP.EXE for?
So what should I do now?
Why don't you just use disks? It'd be a lot easier than all this hassle!
I have the Oxford University Press registration code; how do I update?
My registration code didn't work...

Does WordSmith ...

Can WordSmith 3 handle Language X (eg. Igbo)?
Does WordSmith tag texts?
Does WordSmith come with a corpus?

Text Handling & Display

Accents don't look right...


Trying to concordance "can", it keeps giving me "can't" as well.
I wanted to concordance phrases like big, bold and beautiful so I entered *  ,  *  and  * but it didn't work. Why not?
Can the software work with large corpora
Is the corpus indexed?
I got a "General Protection Fault" message...


I got a "List Index Out of Bounds" message...