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WordSmith Tools Help

Access these options in the main Controller, via Concord | What you see.



Show preferences

Max. character span to colour: When showing tagged text, this controls how many characters around the search-word get coloured.


tog_plus        Show collocate zero frequencies


Concordance View options


show raw numbers = show the raw data instead of percentages e.g. for sentence position

show full filename and path = sometimes you need to see the whole path but usually the filename alone will suffice.

cut redundant spaces = remove any double spaces

tag string only = show only context within two tag_string_only tags


The sub-set visible shows an opportunity to blank out the search-word, to pad it with a space left & right, to shift the search-word left or right.


See also: Controller What you get choices, showing nearest tags, blanking out the search-word, viewing more context, growing/shrinking concordance lines.


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