WordSmith Controller Concordance Settings

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These are found in the main Controller under Adjust Settings | Concord.

This is because some of the choices -- e.g. collocation horizons -- may affect other Tools.





There are 2 tabs for settings affecting What you get in the concordance and What you see in the display. There is a screenshot at Concord: viewing options showing the options under What you see.




Entries Wanted

The maximum is more than 2 billion lines. This feature is useful if you're doing a number of searches and want, say, 100 examples of each. The 100 entries will be the first 100 found in the texts you have selected. If you search for more than 1 search-word (eg. book/paperback), you will get 100 of book and 100 of paperback.


randomised entries: this feature allows you to randomise the search. Here Concord goes through the text files and gets the 100 entries by giving each hit a random chance of being selected. To get 100 entries Concord will have to have found around 450-550 hits with the settings shown below. You can set the randomiser anywhere from 1 in 2 to 1 in 1,000. See also: reduce to N.


randomised number concordance entries

Ignore punctuation between words: this allows a search for BY ITSELF to succeed where the text contains ...went by, itself ...



Characters to save

Here is where you set how many characters in a concordance line will be stored as text as the concordance is generated. The default and minimum is 1000. This number of characters will be saved when you save your results, so even if you subsequently delete the source text file you can still see some context. If you grow the lines more text will be read in (and stored) as needed. There are examples here.




Save as text search-word or context-word marker: here you can also specify markers for your search-word and context-word.



By default, Concord will compute collocates as well as the concordance, but you can set it not to if you like (Minimal processing). For further details, see Collocate Horizons or Collocation



If separate search words is checked and you have multiple search-terms, then you get collocates distinguishing between the different search-terms. If you want them amalgamated, clear this check-box.


Collocates relation statistic

Choose between Specific Mutual Information, MI3, Z Score, Log Likelihood. See Mutual Information Display for examples of how these can differ.




The options are explained at Concord: viewing options.


See also: Concord Saving and Printing, Concord Help Contents, Collocation Settings.

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