Altering the View of a Concordance

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Access these options in the main Controller, via Adjust Settings | Concord | What you see.



Sort preferences

By default, Concord will sort a new concordance in original file order, but you can set this to different values if you like. For further details, see Sorting a Concordance.


Concordance View

You can choose different ways of seeing the data, and a whole set of choices as to what columns you want to display for each new concordance. You can re-instate any later if you wish by changing the Layout.


show full filename and path = sometimes you need to see the whole path but usually the filename alone will suffice.

cut redundant spaces = remove any double spaces

show sentence only = show the context only up to its left and right sentence boundaries

show raw numbers = show the raw data instead of percentages e.g. for sentence position
hide search-word = blank it out eg. to make a guess-the-word exercise

pad search-word with spaces = insert a space to left and right of the search-word so it stands out better

hide undefined tags = hide those not defined in your tag file

hide tag file tags = hide all tags including undefined ones

hide words = show only the tags



See also: Controller What you get choices, showing nearest tags, blanking out the search-word, viewing more context, growing/shrinking concordance lines.

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