Markup and Tags


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What is markup for?


Marked up text is text which has extra information built into it with tags, e.g. "We<pronoun> like<verb> spaghetti<noun>.<end of sentence>". You may wish to concordance words or tags…


You may wish to see this additional information or ignore it, so that you just see the plain text ("We like spaghetti."). WordSmith Tools has been designed so that you can choose what to ignore and what to see.


You may want to translate HTML or SGML tags or entity references: if your text has &Eacute; you probably want to see É.

You may wish to select within text files, e.g. cutting out a header or getting only the conclusions, instead of using the whole text.


And you might want to get WordSmith Tools to choose only files meeting certain criteria, e.g. having "sex=f" in a text file header section, where the speaker is a woman.


You can see the effect of choosing tags if you select the Choose Texts option, then press the View button. Any retained tags will be visible, and ignored tags replaced by spaces.


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