Detailed Statistics (STATS)


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These include:

number of files involved in the word-list

file size (in bytes, i.e. characters)

running words in the text (tokens)

no. of different words (types)

type/token ratios

no. of sentences in the text

mean sentence length (in words)

standard deviation of sentence length (in words)

no. of paragraphs in the text

mean paragraph length (in words)

standard deviation of paragraph length (in words)

no. of headings in the text

mean heading length (in words)

no. of sections in the text

mean section length (in words)

standard deviation of heading length (in words)

the number of 1-letter words


the number of n-letter words (to see these scroll the list box down)

(14 is the default maximum word length. But you can set it to any length up to 50 letters in Word List Settings, in the Settings menu.) Longer words are cut short but this is indicated with a + at the end of the word.

The number of types (different words) is computed separately for each text. Therefore if you have done a single word-list involving more than one text, summing the number of types for each text will not give the same total as the number of types over the whole collection.


See also : WordList display (with a screenshot), Summary Statistics, Starts and Ends of Text Segments.