A Site Licence? Or Individual Licences?

You want a number of people to use WordSmith but aren't sure which licence type suits you.

There are 2 possibilities. Either way, the licence is valid forever and the software can be updated freely as often as you like while it still develops (ie. until there is a new major version).

Site Licence

= one site licence, one installation on a shared folder, numerous users
The main advantages are : cheaper, only one installation; the disadvantages are: use at work only, can be slower (network delays), the institution may be reluctant to upgrade promptly.

How it works: each user gets to save their own results and settings in their own space without ever altering the main site installation.

A site licence must be accessed from a remote folder or drive. Otherwise it'll operate in demo mode.

A bundle of individual licences picture of a bundle

= one individual licence for each user 

The main advantages are : quicker, personal for the student/employee, use at home and at work.

These licences can be time-limited by you using special extra software supplied and after the time limit is over the licences can be passed on to a fresh group of students. No need to worry about the old students returning their licences because they expire naturally when you set them to.

The disadvantages are: purchase is slightly more expensive (though if time-limited you get numerous re-uses), each person installs. An individual licence version must be installed and run on a drive local to the PC or laptop or a memory stick.