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A word list with neighbouring tags as if they were prefixes?

If you have defined a tag file and made the appropriate settings to load it, you can get a word-list which displays tags and words together as in this example, where the tag is viewed as if it were a prefix.

This function operates where your corpus has tags immediately to the left of words, as in ... <noun>table ... for example.


1. WordSmith needs to know you want tags included

For WordList to handle mark-up, you first need to ensure a tag file is loaded so any suitable tags are noticed as the source text files are read.


Here a choice has been made to get the mark-up specified in the tag file included.


2. Then, with your word list made, you may choose the display the tags in various ways.

Choose whether you want only the tags, only the words or both in View | Tag display:





shows only the word


as prefix

shows the tag as if it were a prefix


as suffix

puts the tag at the other end of the word


hide the words

Here the word above (blood) is shown because it has no mark-up, but antibiotics is replaced with its mark-up <science>.








BNC_wordlist_with_tags_as_prefix coloured

In its Alphabetical view, the list can be sorted on the tag or the word.



tog_plus        Tag filtering

tog_plus        How to colour them


See also: save list of tags found




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