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This function allows you to take a whole set of files in a folder and its sub-folders and move or copy them to suitable sub-folders elsewhere. The source file structure (patterns of folder and sub-folders) is copied for all files copied or moved.


utilities-copy-move dlg

Source files folder

Select the folder you want to find the files in.


Destination files folder

If you leave this blank the same folder will be used as the destination.



copy or move files. Copying is safer!



1: a template identifying your needs. This uses a few characters to generate suitable folder names.


tog_plus        Example


2: a template exactly as the file system treats file-specifications.


tog_plus        Example


3: a text file specifying the files which should be copied or moved.


4: a header search. In the screen-shot, all texts which contained a header line with <Newspaper> and </Newspaper> were moved to a sub-folder with the name of the newspaper.


newspaper_header folders




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