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The point of it


The idea is to be able to check whether 2 files are similar or not. You may often make copies of files and a few weeks later cannot remember what they were. Or you have used File Chunker to copy a big file to floppies and want to be sure the copy is identical to the original.


This program  checks whether

a)        they are the same size

b)        they have the same contents

(it goes through both, byte by byte, checking whether they match)

c)        they have the same attributes

(file attributes can be "read only" [you cannot alter the file], "system" [a file which Windows thinks is central to your operating system], "hidden" [one which is so important that Bill Gates may be reluctant to even let you know it exists on your disk])

d)        they have the same time & date.



How to do it

Specify your 2 files and simply press "Compare".


See also : file chunker, find duplicates, rename



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