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WSImage_301_Resort_24 or F6 or just click the header...

The point of it…

is to home in, for example, on the ones in L1 or R1 position. To find sub-patterns of collocation, so as to more fully understand the company your search-word keeps.



Here the collocates of COULD in some Jane Austen texts show how negatives crop up a lot in R1 position.


How to do it... just press the header

The frequency-ordered collocation display can be re-sorted to reveal the frequencies sorted by their total frequencies overall (the default), by the left or right frequency total, or by any individual frequency position. Just press the header of a column to sort it. Press again to toggle the sort between ascending and descending.


You can also get the concordance lines sorted so as to highlight specific collocates, as in  the case of the 70 cases of NEVER in R1 position in the screenshot.


Word Clouds

You can also get a word cloud of your sorted column. In the screenshot below, a concordance on cash generated these R1 collocates (with most function words eliminated using a stoplist):



and these data fed straight into a word cloud.



In the word cloud, the mouse hovered over the word accounting so the details of that word are shown to the right.


See also: Collocation, Collocation Display, Collation Horizons, Word Clouds, Patterns.


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