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Settings are found in the Controller's Advanced settings.





Time and dates can be organised in terms of millennia, centuries, decades, years, months, weeks, days, hours. See also: setting dates and times.


Date rounding

Helps standardise sorting and display. For example if you set the delicacy to months and have data of varying days within the month, they will all get rounded to the 15th. For days, to 12 o'clock. For centuries to year 50, etc.


Include zero data: when you double-click a time-line, you get details in numbers. If you want to include all entries even those with no hits, check this item.


Min. per 1000 tokens

This lets you omit infrequent data in sorts. Data below this threshold will be greyed out.

Lines per row

This setting determines whether a time-line display looks like this (two lines per row)



or more lines per row, where the top of each row shows dates.