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The idea is to be able to break down your data. For example, you've just done a concordance of consequence? which has given you lots of singulars and lots of plurals and you want to know how many there are of each.


Choose Breakdown in the Compute menu.



The searches window will at first contain a copy of what you typed in when you created the concordance. To distinguish between singular and plural, change that to

search_statistics_consequence or consequences

and press Count;


assuming that search column has Concordance selected, you will get something like this:


search_statistics_consequence or consequences counted



This allows you to load into the searches window any plain text file which you have prepared previously. For complex searching this can save much typing. An example might be a list of suffixes or prefixes to check against a word list.


Search Column

This lets you choose which column of data to count in. It will default to the last column clicked for your data.


Cumulative Column

This adds up values from another column of data. See the example from WordList.



tog_plus        Further breakdown of your results


See also: Concord breakdowns