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WordSmith Tools Manual

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Found in main Settings menu in all Tools and Main Settings in the Controller. Enables you to choose your default colours for all the Tools. Available colours can be set for


plain text

this is the default colour

highlighted text

default, when selected



search word

concordance search word; words in (key) word lists

main sort word

indicates first sort preference; used for % data in (key) word lists

second sort word

indicates first tie-breaker sort colour

context word

context word

deleted words

any line of deleted data

not numbered line

any line which has not been user-sorted

search word highlighted

concordance search word, when selected

main sort word highlighted

first sort, when selected

second sort word highlighted

first tie-breaker sort, when selected

context word highlighted

context word, when selected

most frequent collocate

most frequent collocate or detailed consistency word, p value in keywords

viewing texts

in the text viewer

lemma colour

colour of lemmas shown in lemma window

word-cloud shape

see word clouds section below

word-cloud window


word-cloud word





Overall colour scheme

This allows a range of colour scheme choices, which will affect the colours of all WordSmith windows.


colours for specific jobs

To alter colours, first click on the wording you wish to change, then click on a colour in the colour box. The Foreground and Background radio buttons determine whether you're changing foreground or background colours. You can press the Reset button if you want to revert to standard defaults.


Press the buttons to force your search words to be shown in bold, italics, etc.


The same colours, or equivalent shades of grey, will appear in printouts, or you can set the printer to black and white, in which case any column not using "plain text" colour will appear in italics (or bold or underlined if you have already set the column to italics).


The Reset button lets you restore colours to factory defaults.


The Advanced colour settings button lets you set some other colours for word clouds, plots, percentage columns, lemmatised, matched and marked words:




See also: Advanced colour settings, Column Layout for changing the individual colours of each column of data, Colour Categories, Word Clouds.