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Character Sets

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You need "plain text" in WordSmith. Not Microsoft Word .doc files -- which contain text and a whole lot of other things too that you cannot normally see.


If you are processing English only, your texts can be in ASCII, ANSI or Unicode; WordSmith handles both formats. You can also process HTML or XML.


tog_plus        Text encoding



To check results after changing the code-page, select Choose Texts and choose the menu option View for the file in question. If you can't get it to look right, you've probably not got a cleaned-up plain text file but one straight from a word-processor. In that case, take it back into the word-processor (see here for how to do that in MS Word) and save it as text again as a plain text file in Unicode.


See also: Text Formats, Choosing Accents & Symbols, Accented characters; Choosing Language