What is WordList and what's it for?

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This program generates word lists based on one or more ASCII or ANSI text files. The word lists are automatically generated in both alphabetical and frequency order, and optionally you can generate a word index list too.


The point of it…

These can be used

1simply in order to study the type of vocabulary used;
2to identify common word clusters;
3to compare the frequency of a word in different text files or across genres;
4to compare the frequencies of cognate words or translation equivalents between different languages;
5to get a concordance of one or more of the words in your list.


Within WordList you can compare two lists, or carry out consistency analysis (simple or detailed) for stylistic comparison purposes.

These word-lists may also be used as input to the KeyWords program, which analyses the words in a given text and compares frequencies with a reference corpus, in order to generate lists of "key-words" and "key-key-words".


See also: WordList display


Online step-by-step guide showing how

Page url: http://www.lexically.net/downloads/version5/HTML/?wordlist_overview.htm