Consistency Analysis (Detailed)

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This function does exactly the same thing as simple consistency, but provides much more detail.


The point of it…

The idea is to help stylistic comparisons. Suppose you're studying several versions of a story, or different translations of it. This function enables you to see all the words which are used in the wordlists which you have called up. The display will order the words, so that the first group contains all those which occur in all versions, then those which come in all versions but one, and so on down to those which occur in only one version.




Within each set the words are ordered alphabetically. The Freq. column shows how many instances of each word occurred overall, Texts shows how many text-files it came in. Then there are two columns (No. of Lemmas, and Set which behaves as in a word-list) and then a column for each text. In this case, the word about occurred in all 7 texts, it occurred 77 times in all, and it was most frequent in 1e.txt at 20 occurrences. Statistics and filenames can be seen for the set of 7 texts used here by clicking on the tabs at the bottom. Notes can be edited and saved along with the detailed consistency list.


Note that the filename is test.dcl (detailed consistency list).

There is no limit except the limit of available memory as to how many text files you can process in this procedure.


How to do it…

In the window you see when you press New...(Start) you will be offered a tab showing detailed consistency.



Choose your word-lists and press compute Detailed Consistency now.


Each column can be sorted by clicking on its header column (Word, Freq. etc.). To get the words which occurred in all 7 texts to the top, I clicked Texts.


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