Tool-specific limitations

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Concord limitations

You can compute a virtually unlimited number of lines of concordance using Concord.

Concord allows 80 characters for your search-word or phrase, though you can specify an unlimited number of concordance search-words in a search-word file.

Each concordance can store an unlimited number of collocates with a maximum horizon of 25 words to left and right of your search-word.


WordList limitations

A head entry can hold thousands of lemmas, but you can only join up to 20 items in one go using F4. Repeat as needed.

Detailed Consistency lists can handle up to 50 files.


KeyWords limitations

One key-word plot per key-word display. (If you want more, call up the same file in a new display window.)

number of link-windows per key-word plot display: 20.

number of windows of associates per key key-word display: 20.


Splitter limitations

Each line of a large text file can be up to 10,000 characters in length. That is, there must be an <Enter> from time to time!


Text Converter limitations

There can be up to 500 strings to search-and-replace for each.

Each search-string and each replace-string can be up to 80 characters long.

An asterisk must not be the first or last character of the search-string.

When the asterisk is used to retain information, the limit is 1,000 characters.


Viewer & Aligner limitations

If you choose the View option Notepad when choosing texts, Viewer & Aligner will call up the first 10 source text files selected.


When choosing texts or jumping into the middle of a text (e.g. after choosing Notepad in Concord), Viewer & Aligner will only process 10,000 characters of each file, to speed things up in the case of very large files, but you can get it to "re-read" the file by pressing Refresh to refresh the display, after which it will read the whole text.


See also: General Limitations

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