Collocate highlighting in a concordance

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The point of it...

The idea is to be able to see a selected collocate highlighted in the concordance. In this example, the texts were Shakespeare plays and search word was love. One of the collocates is know, occurring a total of 50 times, with the most frequent at position 4 words to the left of love.


know as collocate of love in shakespeare

Double-clicking 14 in the L4 column to the right of know, we see this in the concordance:



We have brought to the top of the concordance those lines which contain know in position L4.


How to do it


In a collocates window or a patterns window, simply double-click the item you wish to highlight. Or select it and choose View | Highlight selected collocate.


In the collocates window, if you click



what you get

the Word column or

the Total column

all instances of the word

Total Left

those to the left (33 in the case of know above)

Total Right

those to the right (17)


those in that column only


To get rid


Re-sort in a different way or choose the menu item View | Refresh.

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