Installation of WordSmith Tools

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You will need at least 30 Mb of space on your hard disk for the programs.


1.You have run or downloaded and then run one or more .exe files.
2.This will expand all the files needed for  WordSmith Tools into the folder of your choice (\wsmith5 by default). You can install to a removable drive if you wish (explained below).
3.Now run \wsmith5\wordsmith.exe to get started. You will be asked to register.   Otherwise WordSmith will go through its paces as a Demonstration Version.



To update your demo version, visit for details of suppliers.


Upon receipt of the registration code, run  WordSmith Tools. If you have only just installed the registration program will start up automatically. If not you can run \wsmith5\WSRegister.exe.



Everything must correspond exactly to what you were given when you purchased.

Paste in your Name as specified in your purchase email or screen and (if there are any in the registration) Other Details, and paste in the code.


This name appears in the main window and whenever you access the About menu option (F9). Your software will then be fully enabled, and the Update from Demo menu option will disappear. (The WSRegister.exe program will still be there in your \wsmith5 folder, and can be used if you ever need to re-register.)


For use on network: check this if you are installing on a network drive and plan for users to access it from other PCs connected to the network. This can only be done if your licence permits it (not a single user licence).


If you make a mistake and your registration fails, you can try again. You can get a more recent version at the WordSmith home page.


To un-install, just delete all the files in your \wsmith5 folder. Your data may be in sub-folders of \wsmith5 or in sub-folders of your Documents\wsmith5.


Install to a removable drive

You don't need to install to the C:\ drive -- you can install WordSmith on a USB drive such as a pen drive or memory stick, or a fast external hard drive. That way you can take WordSmith with you from one computer to the next. A pen drive will be a rather slow medium, but a fast external drive can be very satisfactory in terms of speed. If you save your default settings, any folder names which are on the external drive itself get the drive letter corrected automatically.


See also: Setting default options, Contact Addresses, File types.

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