File types

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The standard file-extensions used in WordSmith are


.cnc                        concordance file

.lst                        word list

.mut                        mutual information list

.dcl                        detailed consistency list

.tokens, .types        word list index file

.kws                        key words file

.kdb                        key word database file

.ali                        aligner list

.vwr                        viewer list


WordSmith does not affect your Windows Registry, unlike most other programs. The reason is because this can make a system slow down and become unstable, and it also means that to remove WordSmith you can simply delete the folder it is in.


In the Controller's General settings, or on installing, however, you can if you wish associate (or disassociate) the current file-types with WordSmith in the Registry. The advantage of association is that Windows will know what Tool to open your data files with.





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