example of aligning

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How to do it -- a Portuguese, Spanish and English example


1.Read in your Portuguese text (eg. Hora da Estrela.TXT), and checking its sentences and paragraphs break the way you like. Try "Unusual Lines" to help identify oddities.
2.Save it

save_menu_choiceand it will (by default) get your filename.VWR, eg. Hora da Estrela.VWR.

3.Do the same steps 1 and 2 for your English text -- you will now have e.g. Hour of the Star.VWR.
4.Repeat with the Spanish -- Hora de la Estrella.txt giving Hora de la Estrella.VWR.
5.Now open your Portuguese Hora da Estrela.VWR




6.and then File | Merge



7.Get all three.



and put them in your preferred order



(Here the Portuguese comes first because it was the original source text.)



8.Finally File | Save AS - Portuguese, English, Spanish.ALI (multiple-language aligned file). Note that there are 4 tabs to the screen; you can choose all three versions aligned (.ALI), or each separate .VWR file.

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