Editing a Concordance

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The point of it…

You may well find you have got some entries which weren't what you expected. Suppose you have done a search for SHRIMP*/PRAWN* -- you may find a mention of Shrimpton in the listing. It's easy to clean up the listing by simply pressing Del on each unwanted line. (Do a sort on the search word first so as to get all the Shrimptons next to each other.) The line will turn a light grey colour.


Pressing Ins will restore it, if you make a mistake. To delete or restore ALL the lines from the current line to the bottom, press the grey - key or the grey + key by the numeric keypad. When you have finished marking unwanted lines, you can choose (Ctrl-Z or Zap) to zap the deleted lines.


If you're a teacher you may want to blank out the search words: to do so, press the spacebar. Pressing the spacebar again will restore it, so don't worry!


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