detailed consistency relations

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With a detailed consistency list such as this, of five versions of the fairy story Little Red Riding Hood,



it looks as if the most long-winded story is probably version 5 (red5.lst). If you click the detailed cons. relation tab



you can see the relevant statistics more usefully:



where it can be seen that red5 has a word-count of 462 words, more than any other, and that the relation between red2 and red3 is the closest with a relation statistic of 0.487. This relation is the Dice coefficient, based on the joint frequency (there are 138 matches in the vocabulary of these two versions) and the word-counts of the two texts.  A Dice coefficient ranges between 0 and 1. The 0.487 can be thought of like a percentage, i.e. there's about a 49% overlap between the vocabularies of the two versions of the same story.


See also : Detailed Consistency.

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