What is Text Converter and what's it for?


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This program does a "Search & Replace", on virtually any number of files.


It is very useful for going through large numbers of texts and re-formatting them as you prefer, e.g. taking out unnecessary spaces, ensuring only paragraphs have <Enter> at their ends, changing accented characters, ensuring you have Windows £ symbols, etc.


converting text

For a simple search-and-replace you can type in the search item and a replacement; for more complex conversions, use a Conversion File so that Text Converter knows which symbols or strings to convert. It operates under Windows and saves using the Windows character set, but will convert text using DOS or Windows character sets. You can use it to make your text files suitable for use with your Internet browser.

It does a "search and replace" much as in word-processors, but it can do this on lots of text files, one after the other. As it does so, it can also replace up to any number of strings, not just one.


Once the conversion file is prepared and Settings specified, the Text Converter will read each source file and either create a new version or replace the old one, depending on the over-write setting.

You will be able to see the details of how many instances of each string were found and replaced overall.


filtering files

And/or you may need to make sure texts which meet certain criteria are put into the right folders.



The easiest way to ensure your text files are the way you want, especially if you have a very large number to convert, is to copy a few into a temporary folder and try out your conversion file with the Text Converter. You may find you've failed to specify some necessary conversions. Once you're sure everything is the way you want it, delete the temporary files.


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