Oxford WordSmith Tools 32-bit Version differences


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This version of Oxford WordSmith Tools is a complete re-write in comparison to the earlier 16-bit versions, with lots of changes "under the hood". Some of the changes you will see are:


long filenames        
better tag and entity handling including Tag Concordancing        
previous work can still be used, but it should be re-saved in the 32-bit format. You will get a suggestion to "Update" a data file if it is still in the old format.        
zip file handling        
easier exporting of data to Microsoft Word and Excel        
Unicode text handling, allowing more languages to be processed        
possibility of altering the data as it comes in, e.g. for language-specific lemmatisation        
the old limitations of 16,000 lines of data have gone. (The theoretical limit for a list of data is over 134 million lines.)


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