Personal use:

Think of these as a licence for a person.
You can install the product on a machine at your office and a machine at home. You may yourself use both copies of the product, but only one at a time.
You must install and run it on a drive local to the PC or laptop or a memory stick.
You cannot install the product on two machines, and then use both of those copies at the same time, or allow anyone else to use your copy of the product on the second machine. For instance, you cannot purchase one copy of the product and allow a friend or family member to use the product on the other machine.

Institutional purchase:

Where a licence belongs to an institution such as a company or university, it may be used by anyone authorised by the institution to operate software at the one PC where it is installed. It may not be installed on any other machine.

You may move your version from one computer to another as long as you respect these terms.


Think of these as a licence for an institution using a given number of terminals each accessing a shared network drive. The licence restricts the number of simultaneous users. A site licence must be accessed from a network drive.

The full user-licence is in your download or also available here.


A licence is perpetual and will not expire. You may at any time re-download if for example your version has got corrupted or if you want the latest download available. In WordSmith you will find a tool for checking how up-to-date your version.

A WordSmith 3 licence works with version 3 only, 6 works with version 6 only, etc. The different major versions issued since 1996 can be seen at

When a new major version is issued, you may if you wish purchase a new licence usually at 50% discount.