Linkages between Tools: a new information retrieval function.

(1) Some key words from the Starr Report.
Notice that the words Clinton and sex are highlighted; the F button has been pressed, too.
This tells Concord to seek out all the files in the currently selected corpus, looking for any which have both Clinton and sex. (For some time you've been able to press C to generate a concordance e.g. with Clinton or sex, but this is a new "find files" feature where Concord only keeps enrties if all the search words selected are found.) Below the key words graphic you'll see the resulting concordance:

Key Words from Starr Report

(2) As you can see below, 237 entries were found, in 10 million words of Guardian newspaper stories dating from 1991 to 1995. The lines which are visible date from before the Lewinsky era. A total of 37 text files were identified, all of which related Clinton to sex. All except 2 referred to Bill Clinton or his family.

Concordance of Cliton+Sex files

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