Making a Word List


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To make a word list, first press the WordList button in the main Controller.        



When WordList starts up, choose your texts and then you will see something like this.        




Here we're going to make one simple wordlist based on 8 text files from the play Romeo and Juliet, so press Make a word list now.        




The WordList tool shows us a frequency listing. The most frequent word is "#". There are 985 of these #. Whatever has happened? Well, by default # is used to represent any number such as 65, 40 or $997.82. In this case we have line numbers in the source text.        


Below #, the most frequent words are the, and, I to, of. Beside each one you can see how frequent it is in the collection of 8 texts we used, the percentage of running words, and how many of our 8 texts each word occurred in. It seems I is a top frequency word but even so was not present in all the 8 texts.        


To see the words in alphabetical order instead, click the alphabetical tab near the bottom of the window.        




Now scroll down to wherefore. The results seem to confirm what we found when we made a concordance.        


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