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Lexical Analysis Software make the product and provide help, but Digital River/ShareIt handle all payments for us. They are a huge company who handle payments for thousands of companies. Their screens are mostly blue & white in colour.

Which version of WordSmith? You'll need the Product ID Number.

Single licence: 206310
Bundle of 10: 300046746
Bundle of 50: 300065671
Bundle of 100: 300065672
Bundle of 200: 300225595

Site licence (10 users): 206311
Site licence (50 users): 206312
Site licence (100 users): 300442686
Site licence (200 users): 300000830

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Once you know which version of WordSmith Tools you want and the product number, click here to request a quote.

contact their Customer Service Team

Customer service Europe: +49 221 31088-30
Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

Customer service USA: 1-800-406-4966
Language: English E-Mails

addresses: support-eng@shareit.com (English)
support-fre@shareit.com (French)
support-ger@shareit.com (German)
support-ita@shareit.com (Italian)
support-spa@shareit.com (Spanish)
support-por@shareit.com (Portuguese)